Welcome to the official website of Chess Kenya Federation (CKF). Established in 1976 under the Societies Act, CKF, formerly known as the Kenya Chess Association, has been at the forefront of promoting and organizing the sport of chess in Kenya for nearly half a century.

Our federation is dedicated to championing the aspirations of chess players and stakeholders across the nation. With a rich history rooted in fostering the growth of chess, CKF serves as the central hub for all things chess-related in Kenya.

Our Values.

  • Patriotism
  • Diligence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Equal opportunity
  • Fairness

Over the years, CK has achieved numerous milestones, thanks to the dedication and commitment of our elected office bearers.

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Kenya National Chess Premier/Super League

Date 10/3/2024 12:00:00 AM

Venue TBA




Africa Games kick off in Accra Ghana

on: 8th March 2024

By: Chess Kenya

As Africa Games kick off in Accra Ghana, Robert Macligeyo and Sasha Mongeli carry our national flag. From March 8th to 23rd, they'll be showcasing their strategic skills on the chessboard at Alisa Hotel alongside 22 other federations. 🏅🎲 Join us in wishing them the best as they embark on this prestigious journey!

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Nathaniel wins Silver at SOYA Awards

on: 1st march 2024

By: Chess kenya

Huge congratulations to our very own Nathaniel Manyeki for shinning brightly as he receives a well-deserved Bronze medal in the most promising boy category at the prestigious SOYA Awards.
Nathaniel Manyeki, 8 years old and the reigning Africa Youth Champion, showcased his exceptional talent by achieving a perfect score at the Africa Youth Chess Championship held last year in Egypt.
Tonight, amidst cheers and applause, Chess Kenya Federation officials, along with Nathaniel Manyeki's family and friends, gathered at the KICC Nairobi for the award ceremony, recognizing his remarkable accomplishments.
The SOYA Awards, marking its 20th anniversary this year, brought together a multitude of sportsmen and women from various disciplines across Kenya. This celebration of excellence united partners from esteemed organizations including CMA, Safaricom, KAS, and the Paul Tergat Foundation, among others.
As we witness Nathaniel Manyeki's triumph, we are reminded that the future of chess in Kenya continues to shine brighter with each passing day!

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on: 02.03.2024

By: Benard Wanjala

As we continue to celebrate the big honour brought to Chess by Nathaniel Manyeki, I want to extend the celebration to all other medalist who have brought great honour to our country. Nathaniel merged 2nd runner-up award in the Most Promising Personality of the Year 2023 category at the Sports Personality of the Year Award, Kenya (SOYA Awards). The reigning under 8 Africa Youth Champion, Nathaniel, showcased his exceptional talent by achieving a perfect score at the Africa Youth Chess Championship held last year in Egypt.

The biggest honour of any citizen is a privilege to represent his or her country in a sporting event. Every athlete dream is to reach the biggest stage of the competition. It starts from wining and learning from peers and friend, move to regional game and later claim national titles. To achieve this, players work extremely hard and sacrifice a lot to achieve excellence supported by federation, coaches and parents.


Having proved themselves locally, in a country that believes on merit and the best, player is given big stages at regional, continental and the World stage which is the pinnacle of sports achievements.This has made our country Kenya to be known globally as a very competitive country and every time we enter in competition we never disappoint. Since a joined the leadership of Chess Kenya 2017, I have witnessed unprecedented progress and great patriotism among the chess family winning medals in highly competitive tournament.


Some years back, The Government of Kenya introduced the reward scheme for athletes who bring glory to our great nation .The winner of Continental event was entitled for Ksh. 100,000(About Usd 1000) and World stage Ksh. 300,000(About USD 3,000). Since 2017, I have countless medals Chess players have won and none has been awarded despite of our follow up. Behind the curtain, we have been having discussion with leadership of sports Ministry.

With new leadership of Kenya Kwanza government and under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary Amb. Ababu Namwamba, He has taken keen interest on this matter and put the interest of athletes, whom he commonly refers as a goose that lays a golden egg. Under the context of Talanta Hela initiatives aimed to reward players who bring great honour to the country while they make a decent living, we have seen great improvement. He has come up with revised scheme that enhances the reward to athletes who represent our country in international events. The revised scheme covers enhanced allowance, Enhanced Cash reward to all medal winners, Medical cover, Pension and housing program soon to be launched by his Excellence President William Ruto. The reward covers individuals and team events with scale in each level from regional to world stages. Going forward, we are going to have huge stakes as you represent Kenya in international event. Its now the best time to invest in your skill level and take advantage availed by the transformative Prize incentives offered by the federation and the government.


We have a great discussion with the Ministry of Sports and Am happy to report that all Pending cash reward for past chess events will be honoured. This will be done using the previous rate of Ksh. 100,000(Gold), 75,000 (Silver) and Ksh. 50,000(Bronze) for Continental events and Ksh. 300,000(Gold), 200,000 (Silver) and Ksh. 100,000 (Bronze)for world event. For team events such as Olympiad, each member gets Ksh. 50,000 and Officials gets Ksh. 10,000. This includes medal won in the following events



  1. Africa Team Championships 2017 to date.
  2.  Africa Youth Chess Campionship-2017 to date.
  3. Africa zonal events 2017 to date.
  4.  All world events 2017 to date.
  5.  World Olympiad 2022.


In this regard, the following have been successfully vetted to receive pending Cash awards for events they won in categories listed above. The funds to be disbursed any time to your respective Bank account through Bank details provided to Chess Kenya in Past events.


  1.  Jackson Kamau-Silver Africa club Championship 2017 Giza,Egypt.
  2.  Elizabeth Cassidy-Silver Africa Youth Chess Championship 2021 in Accra, Ghana.
  3.  Madelta Glenda Nyaitondi-Gold World Amateurs Chess Championship 2021 in u1700 in Rhodes, Greece.
  4.  Joyce Nyaruai- Silver World Amateurs Chess Championship 2021 in u1700 in Rhodes, Greece.
  5.  Sasha Mongeli-Gold Africa zone 4.4 Individual Chess Championship 2022 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  6.  Winnie Kaburo Muchoki- Gold Africa Youth Chess Championship 2022 in Lusaka,Zambia.
  7.  Nathaniel Manyeki Muchoki- Gold Africa Youth Chess Championship 2023 in Cairo, Egypt.
  8.  Elizabeth Cassidy-Silver Africa Youth Chess Championship 2023 in Cairo,Egypt.
  9.  Olympiad Ladies Team-Gold Category D in World Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai, India.

I take this opportunity to thank all for your patience and congratulate you for this lifetime achievement recorded in Various event. Chess Kenya will continue working with The ministry of sports to ensure your welfare is well taken care of and enjoy all benefits all Kenyan athletes are entitled.

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